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Graphing Calculator Quick Start

Note: This documentation is for an older version.

This calculator offers several features in addition to basic functions of a calculator; here is a list of some of these features:
  1. Symbolic Parsing of Mathematical Expressions
  2. Symbolic Differentiation
  3. 2D XY Plots with Zoom
  4. 2D Parametric Plots with Zoom
  5. 3D Parametric Plots (Meshes) with Zoom/Rotate
  6. Multiple Root Finder

The calculator consists of four major sections shown below:

Main Window

The basic functions of the calculator are identical to most real or virtual calculators. The Symbolic input is almost identical to Matlab. The symbolic identifiers are x, t, u, and v. For differentiation and 2D XY plots only x is accepted. For 2D Parametric plots use t only. For 3D Parametric plots use u and v.

Here are some examples of valid inputs:

2D XY Plots/Differentiation

» sin(4*x)+cos(2x)
» d/dx(sinh(x^2))
» sinh(x)/ln(e)
» 10^x + sgn(x-3)
» sin(cos(x/pi)+cos(2x))-tanh(x/2)*log(x^3)

2D Parametric Plots

» 5cos(t)-3cos((2/3+1)t)
» 3t/(1+t^3)
» 2sin(5t)sin(2t)/sin((5-2)t)

3D Parametric Plots

» cos(u) * (4 + 3.8 * cos(v))
» (cos(v) sin(v)-1) * (1 sin(v)) * ln(1-pi * v / 10) + 7.5 * sin(v)
» sin(v)^3 * cos(u)^3

To enter the graphics mode press
Main Window

Note: Use CTRL button to slow down the zooming.

Then enter your equations or select one of the provided samples:
Main Window

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